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Welcome to the Undersphere

Area24_sftu_coverIt took me silent years and thousands of miles, until I finally realized, what I was searching for. From the loneliness of the Maghreb deserts, where the moon seemed like a cold, dark chiseled dagger, to the cold bursting, polar lighted scenes of the northern arctic circle, I experienced the concealment of emotions, declining to belong to human nature. Allthough sometimes the havocked stars were within my grasp and aurea borealis embraced my heart, I knew, my search was not at all at he back of beyond. When I came home I realized, what I was searching for... and so I finally discovered "THE UNDERSPHERE“ A place in the heart, that can never be denied. I found it everywhere and nowhere, but it is shurely there. It is a stark ravin mad place, where the doors of perception and the borders of combining reality and phantasy are woven with each other that strangely, that you can hardly find the unlike...

It is a secret world and I called it "THE UNDERSPHERE"

(MatthiK - 2009)